When It Comes To Water Treatment, We Are The One You Need!

At Aquafit Chlorination Systems, we have an exceptional passion, pride and commitment to a critical mission for mankind: Delivering superior water quality solutions that improve the environment and enhance the security, health and safety of the global communities we serve. With our track record of innovation and simple, intuitive solutions that anticipate your needs, ACS customers and consumers feel more secure in their water treatment, surveillance and enjoyment.

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Industries & Applications

Municipal/Potable Water & Wastewater

Surface and underground water sources can contain harmful contaminants and microorganisms. These must be removed from the water in order to achieve a water quality that is fit for use. ACS provide easy to use, modular, chlorination systems, designed to solve each locations’ unique operational requirements. 

Commercial Pools & Spas

Maintaining water clarity and preventing recreational water illnesses (RWIs) are just some of the many challenges pool operators are faced with every day.  When you consider that 90% of all commercial pool shutdowns are caused by low sanitation levels or chlorine inefficiencies, a reliable chlorination system is a necessity.  ACS provide easy to use, modular, chlorination systems, designed to solve this problem.

So, whether you operate a large waterpark, municipal or hotel pool Aquafit has you covered.

Aerobic & Onsite Wastwater

For smaller on-site applications, including residential housing , oil rigs and rural industrial plants, Septicfit wastewater tablets provide enhanced erosion control and reduced wicking to effectively kill bacteria, control algae and destroy organic contaminants in small-scale aerobic water treatment systems.

Industrial Water

Our product technologies are used to control the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, algae and fungi as well as macroorganisms, in a broad array of applications from drinking water to waste water, food and agriculture, industrial cooling, papermaking and related markets. As a leader in calcium hypochlorite, ACS offers cost-effective alternatives to liquid and gas chlorine choices with outstanding performance along with improved safety, handling, storage, and stability benefits.

Agriculture Irrigation

Clogged irrigation lines caused by algae, mold, bacteria can negatively impact your crop yield and ultimately your profits. Aquafits chlorination system is a practical, cost-effective and safe way to effectively treating your irrigation system, whether it’s from a nearby pond, well, or reuse water supply.

Plugging and contamination reduce system uniformity and have and impact on the quantity of water applied to meet crop demands. Maximize water and nutrient utilization by ensuring high irrigation system efficiencies with Aquafit AST Tablets, the best chlorine-based solution for agriculture.