Agriculture Irrigation

Continuous Irrigation Water Treatment

The importance of meeting food safety standards grows more critical every day. Growing operations rely on leadership in food safety water treatment from Aquafit. Many growers use Aquafit Chlorination Systems to control pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella in their irrigation water. Every drop of irrigation water, from germination to harvest. Our program keeps pace and exceeds ever-changing irrigation water food safety requirements.  Preventing plugging in irrigation lines is easier than unplugging them.

Irrigation water treatment to address food safety at the field level can be addressed the same way you approach your fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide requirements.  You need a program.  Our Water Treatment Advisers can help select the best product, application equipment and field testing equipment.

Continuous Tablet Chlorination Treatment

Aquafit tablet chlorination systems are the easiest system to manage. Aquafit tablet chlorinators are available in simple gravity discharge to microprocessor controlled with injection pumps. 

Regenisis Shock Treatment

Once a water sample has been collected for analysis and the irrigation system inspected, ACS will recommend and apply of one of several treatment chemistries with a goal of restoring your system to an optimal level of performance.

Regenisis Treatment Options

  • Super Chlorination
  • BluMAXX ( Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate Liquid)
  • Chlorine Dioxid
  • pH Adjustment
  • Agriwise ( Peroxyacetic Acid PAA)

Following the Regnisis Treatment, ACS will recommend the correct product to maintain the system and avoid system plugging in the future.

Reservoir Treatment

A common thing we hear is “I have well water, I won’t have algae problems”. That statement is often true when well water is pumped directly into a filter station.  If well water is pumped from a well into a reservoir, the well water is now surface water. Once water is pumped from a well into a reservoir and becomes surface water it can have mineral and algae/organic problems. Is your reservoir lined with a black liner?  A black liner will increase the temperature of the water in the reservoir.  Algae that grows in water causes problems in irrigation systems grows better and faster in warm water.  Think about the design of the reservoir. Where does your backwash water go. All the junk your filters take out of the water goes back into the reservoir. algae and organic will reduce your filter runs and plug up your tape or hose, if your filters are not kept clean. Your filters will never be clean if you are always pumping junk into them. Our Water Treatment Advisors can create a maintenance program for you that will keep the funk, out of your filters and irrigation lines.

BluMAXX Continuous Injection

BluMAXX is a 23.58% Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate Algaecide that addresses algal issues with Surface, Well or Reservoir water sources helping prevent plugging in Irrigation Systems.

The Copper in BluMAXX is all in the cupric ion form of Copper (Cu++). This Cu++ form is toxic to algae in water. When found in water these Cu++ forms of Copper can exhibit bacterostatic and anti-pathogenic properties. BluMAXX disperses easily allowing for even distribution without spraying, mixing or agitation.  Water treated with BluMAXX may be used for irrigation without harm to plants or crop.