Everyone wants beautiful pools

Maintaining water clarity and preventing recreational water illnesses (RWIs) are just some of the many challenges pool operators are faced with every day.  When you consider that 90% of all commercial pool shutdowns are caused by low sanitation levels or chlorine inefficiencies, a reliable chlorination system is a necessity.  ACS provide easy to use, modular, chlorination systems, designed to solve this problem.

So, whether you operate a large waterpark, municipal or hotel pool Aquafit has you covered.

Water Management Made Easy With Automation

ACS Injection System

Minibulk Tanks

Mini bulk tanks take the hard work out of receiving water treatment chemicals. A ACS bulk truck will arrive to your site, the driver will connect a hose from the truck to your bulk. Then he will fill your tank with product and check your injection equipment. No more moving pails, drums, or totes again. We recommend this for places that primarily need a lot of of bleach and other water treatment chemicals.

Intelligent SmartTanks

Wireless Tank Monitoring

Real-time visibility of tank levels to help eliminate runouts and emergency deliveries.

Monitor Usage History

Our dispatch center track usage history over time to forecast refills and detect potential leakage issues or injection rates.

IT'S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3...




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Enjoy The Automation

With a site evaluation, a ACS pool professionals will preform a site evaluation. After the evaluation is completed, you will receive a quote with the recommended equipment and products that works with your system. 

A ACS team will come and install all the necessary equipment that was recommended from the site evaluation. This could include things like controllers, pumps, bulk tanks, plumbing and many more items. 

Sit back and enjoy your pool knowing your in great hands with Aquafit Chlorination Systems!

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