Aquafit AS1 Tablet Specifications

Active Ingredient:

Available Chlorine:

Inert Ingredients:


Diameter/ Height:

Approximate Weight:

Container/ Shipping

US EPA Registration No:

Calcium Hypochlorite, 68%

65 % Minimum

32 % Includes Anti-Scale additives 

White tablet with a strong chlorine odor

1.18″ D 0.599″ H (Hight may vary to maintain tablet weight)

20 Grams 

50 lbs. Pail / 48 Pails per pallet


Aquafit Calcium Hypochlorite is proudly manufactured in our El Campo, Texas facility with all domestic materials and packaging.  

Aquafit Chlorination Systems tablets are packaged in EZ-Stor Pails; 50 pounds per pail and 48 pails per pallet. Our EZ-Stor pail allows you to store more product in less area. Our EZ-Stor pail is also much easier to carry as it allows the arms to carry the weight more closely to the body.