Improve safety, minimize risk, and decrease waste with our MiniBulk onsite storage solution

At Aquafit, we understand you need to optimize every element of your business to win in the marketplace. Our MiniBulk service is a complete storage and delivery system that improves plant safety and productivity.

IT'S AS EASY AS 1,2,3...


Schedule A Site Evaluation

With a site evaluation, a ACS professionals will preform a site evaluation. After the evaluation is completed, you will receive a quote with the recommended equipment and products that works for you.



 ACS team will come and install all the necessary equipment that was recommended from the site evaluation. This could include things like controllers, pumps, bulk tanks, plumbing and many more items. 


Receive Products

An ACS tanker will come a fill your MiniBluk tank with product. 

Sit back and relax knowing your in great hands with Aquafit Chlorination Systems!

Intelligent SmartTanks

Wireless Tank Monitoring

Real-time visibility of tank levels to help eliminate runouts and emergency deliveries.

Monitor Usage History

Our dispatch center track usage history over time to proactively schedule a truck to replenish your stock. This system also can detect potential leakage issues or injection rates.

onsite storage tanks ranging from 235 gallons all the way to 3,000 gallons, we can help you prevent uncontained spills while decreasing the risk of lifting-related injuries and exposure to hazardous materials for your employees.

MiniBulk is a sustainable storage solution designed to enhance productivity and reduce the total cost of ownership. By tailoring storage deliveries to your specific needs, we help ensure every pound purchased is used. Plus, by eliminating the need for drum and tote storage, you can free up space and optimize the capacity of your facility.

Our trained specialists will set up your MiniBulk onsite storage near your product use point, in order to help you increase the overall efficiency of your facility or plant layout.

How will MiniBulk service help you optimize your operations?

  • Mini bulk tanks take the hard work out of receiving water treatment chemicals.
  • We will help you customize your onsite set up, based on your chemical handling and storage needs, with our tanks ranging from 235 to 6,000 gallons placed near product use points.
  • All product is delivered by our specialists which helps protect your employees by minimizing the risk of lifting-related injuries, exposure to hazardous materials, and uncontained spills.
  • Eliminate the need to handle drums or totes, and minimize wasted facility or yard space dedicated to container storage.
  • Eliminate container deposits, rinse charges, and heel losses.
  • Our dedicated experts will manage your tank set up as well as all tank maintenance